Saturday, March 01, 2003

I hate part of today. I am frustrated in my own mind. The medicine is frustrating and not taking it is out of the question. At least my mind was occupied tonight by addressing the invitatons. Tomorrow, I really could use some sun, a hot bath and something to keep me occupied. I am suffering. I am so glad that I can tell T the truth. I know sometimes that it is hard for him and others to hear but I need to do it selfishly. It is just so much harder telling the truth to the point it is almost exhausting. It was much, much easier for me to just pretend I was okay. I am going to be okay. I know it. It will just take time.

Friday, February 28, 2003

Today is my first day blogging. I am going to try to do this every single day. I have been surviving this Post Partum Psychosis and it really is not easy. I am struggling all week because it's been so rainy and my meds make me tired. However, I know I have to take one day at a time and MAKE it WORK. It's not easy and sometimes it just me having a pity party for myself. I have a wonderful husband and a great daugter and a new dog. Why can't I be happy? I hope that this medicine will finally work. I am so lucky and have so much. I pray that I can make it through this. I am getting excited to finally go away next weekend with T. We need some alone time. I love them so much. TGIF!!!